Susana Collins, Dance Instructor

Susana Collins, Dance Instructor

Focusing on the social tango that is danced in the clubs of Buenos Aires.  Our classes include a comprehensive overview from building a strong base to integrating exciting steps, patterns and footwork.






All levels Tango Class and Practilonga – Saturdays 
at Tango & Malbec Restaurant – 2800 Sage Rd., Houston, TX 77056

Dance class with a sip of fun for couples, singles and wine lovers in the heart of Galleria.  Class starts at 5:00 p.m.

Dance, sip, repeat – Come for class, stay to mingle and practice your moves to exquisite tapas and wine flights from Tango & Malbec.  Practica begins right after class 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with Houston’s top DJ’s.

Level I – Argentine Tango – Mondays 7 pm – Upper Kirby North Blvd., Houston TX  77098

Your chance to dip into Tango Fundamentals and get into the dance
you always wanted try!    Beginning with The Tango Walk – Walking to the Compás (beat) with true Tango Elegance, together with a partner.  Focusing on Embrace and Musicality, with clear lead and follow techniques.  Introducing skills  and steps to help you maneuver the dance floor.

Level II – Argentine Tango - Thursdays 7 pm – Upper Kirby North Blvd., Houston TX  77098

You’re bitten by the Tango bug! Time to refine and spice up your tango dance.
Build on your Tango Fundamentals and adding more exciting step patterns. Focusing on improvisation, musicality and advanced lead and follow techniques.


What to wear:
CLOTHES – Comfortable to move in
FOOTWEAR – Secured to your feet; allows you to glide easily on the floor (leather sole or dance shoes – NO rubber soles)

PAYMENT FOR LEVEL I or LEVEL II:   Cash or Check – $20 drop in or $60 for the month