Under the direction of Susana Collins, Luna Tango Productions is a dedicated promoter of Argentine culture through lectures, stage performances and dance instruction.


Cultural lectures in theaters, local schools and events. Luna Productions transport audiences to South America with fun interactive presentations that can be coupled with dance and music presentations custom made to fit your space and time requirements and tailored for different age groups from Pre-K to adults.


Luna Tango Production works with various musicians and professional dancers to provide either one couple or a full ensemble.   From the Tango of Buenos Aires to the Strong Argentine Malambo show of the Pampas, including boleadoras and bombos (drums).  We strive to showcase different areas of Argentina through song and dance covering its broad, vibrant spectrum of expression and culture in the most spectacular and captivating way possible.


The ever-alluring Tango of Argentina!  Don’t just watch this captivating dance… sign up for one of our group classes today!  The connection and improvisational game of movement between two people is part of what makes this dance so addictive.  It only takes YOU to tango.  Private and group instruction available.

Argentine Folk classes available for all age groups.  Specializing in the festive chacarera and fancy zapateo footwork, from school age to adult.